Downtown Durham, Inc.

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“Longfellow Real Estate Partners has a long relationship with Downtown Durham, Inc. and is an important champion, supporter, advocate, and partner of downtown and DDI. Our teams continue to work together to ensure the vision of the Durham ID Master Plan is achieved, to include supporting office tenants, supporting retail tenants, and assisting with identifying potential tenants.

For downtown Durham, life science has played a major role in its revitalization. From academic research done in Duke and NCCU labs to the small start-ups that emerge and continue to pursue life-altering medicines, technologies, and inventions, downtown Durham has become a mecca for entrepreneurs working to make the world a healthier place. And Longfellow Real Estate Partners has been on the leading edge in creating state-of-the-art, reliable, flexible spaces in downtown Durham.  Beginning years ago with the upgrade of the Carmichael Building, Longfellow quickly seized the opportunity to grow what some might have thought unlikely – a competitive, innovative, life science footprint in the middle of a growing, urban, diverse downtown. With the Durham ID Master Plan as its guide, Longfellow is building on downtown Durham’s long history of innovation and entrepreneurship.  Leading this growth not in a vacuum, but as a partner, connecting its development with the every changing landscape of downtown.”

About Downtown Durham, Inc.
Downtown Durham, Inc. (DDI) is a 501(c) 6 organization, formed in 1993 to serve as a catalyst for downtown revitalization. Our mission is to enhance the environment, economy and vitality of downtown Durham, while preserving and enriching its distinctive culture and strong sense of community. DDI works to build a clean, safe, welcoming and vibrant downtown community where residents, merchants, businesses, and visitors can thrive.

Nicole J. Thompson President & CEO