United Kingdom

The rich history of innovation and forward-thinking progress in the United Kingdom has helped fuel the life science and bio-innovation rush throughout the country. In addition to the entrepreneurial success, the UK government has shown show their deep investment in life sciences, creating a £1 billion public-private partnership to support those innovative industries.

As Longfellow entered the market in 2021 with the opening of their London office, and first acquisition of Capital Park in Cambridge only a few months later, the local UK-based team has planted a flag firmly in the Golden Triangle markets of London, Oxford, and Cambridge to help meet the demand of some of the world’s greatest companies, institutions, and talent.

United Kingdom

Meet the UK Team

Alex Wright
Managing Director, UK

16-19 Eastcastle Street
London, UK W1W 8DY

“The UK has a long history of scientific innovation and has in front of it an incredible opportunity to keep growing its global position in life sciences. The Longfellow team is looking forward to bringing its brand of world-class, customer-focused life science space to support our top institutions, innovators, and entrepreneurs.”