Investment Services

Longfellow manages a value add real estate fund that delivers returns through a vertically-integrated platform focused on investment, asset management, development, leasing, facilities, and property services in the innovation sector.

We know how to put capital to work on great opportunities and deliver on ambitious challenges.

Investment Strategy

By taking a flexible, collaborative approach and focusing on long-term needs, we build partnerships with leading universities, promising startups, established companies, and influential venture firms.
Our focus is on “cluster” locations with robust research funding, anchor institutions and growing innovation momentum. These clusters typically have the following characteristics:

  • Internationally recognized universities, medical centers or research institutes
  • Considerable investment dollars to fund scientific research and commercial activity
  • Established creative and entrepreneurial environments
  • High levels of scientific innovation and new company formation rates
  • Significant historical sector growth and momentum
  • Favorable supply / demand characteristics

Our Edge

1. Innovation Focus

We are singularly focused to meet the needs of our tenants and partners in the science, technology and innovation economy, and that experience and understanding translates into exceptional results.

2. Deep Expertise

Decades of investment and development experience, strong partnerships with leading institutions, and top institutional investors; these factors all add up to an intrinsic ability to deliver at the highest level.

3. Full Service Execution

Because we are investing directly in real estate, we take every opportunity to build value by fully integrating our services.

4. Tenant Loyalty

We focus on the needs of the people and companies that require the infrastructure today to enable the scientific and technological innovations of tomorrow. Our goal is to provide each tenant with an exceptional experience and to be our tenants’ preferred partner when they expand.