Leasing Services

Our team’s expertise and flexible management model enables Longfellow to provide our partners with spaces designed to fit their exact needs today, along with the versatility to ensure they have what they need in six months, three years, and a decade from now as their business expands and grows.

Unique businesses demand unique solutions, so we collaborate with our clients to ensure each space is customized to their personal preferences and individual needs.


Whether you are working with Longfellow’s in-house brokers and asset managers, or our third-party leasing partners, our goal is to negotiate win-win transactions that help tenants meet short term needs, without losing sight of long-term growth expectations.

Regardless of size, every tenant gets our utmost attention and diligence in every transaction.

Longfellow’s approach to leasing leverages our suite of life science focused services providing tenants with a fully transparent and knowledgeable approach through the leasing and build-out process.

Long Term Relationships

Leasing space is not only an opportunity to help tenants build their business, we take the opportunity to build long-term, successful relationships.

Creative Deal Structures

We take the time to learn what is important to our tenants and understand the intricacies of their operations.  We craft lease terms to fit each tenant’s specific needs.

Ecosystem of Size and Space

Regardless of what size company – from start-up to big pharma or university – our diverse ecosystem of lab and office spaces are sure to fit your needs now and in the future.


Quality infrastructure is the heartbeat of every lab and office space. Our team is laser focused on investing in and maintaining high-quality, long-lasting systems in our spaces.