Property Management

Our property management team has extensive experience in managing space for life science and technology users, excelling in customer service quality and responsiveness, and maintaining first-class spaces while driving efficiencies in operations.

Going beyond the conventional tenant-landlord relationship to build long-term partnerships that support life changing innovations is at the core of our team’s daily goals.



We take a thoughtful and personal approach to meet the specific needs of our science and technology tenants.  The partnership with our tenants begins during the leasing, design, and construction process, and continues throughout our tenants’ occupancy.

Project Management

Our experienced construction team can lead any build-out for our tenant’s most specific technology and scientific needs.

Customer Service

Our tenants rely on the personal, proactive, and direct service of our experienced team members so that when an issue arises it will be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Industry Expertise

We understand the needs of our tenants in the science, technology and innovation economy, and we have the expertise and experience to deliver. Laboratories and high-tech office space require careful design and construction on the front-end to facilitate effective research and innovation. We design, develop, and manage laboratory and office space from the inside-out based on the unique requirements of individual tenants.