For more than a decade, Longfellow has pioneered a hospitality-level approach to the client experience that goes beyond amenities – and today we’re continuing to push the boundaries of what we can offer our partners, clients, and communities. Longfellow prides itself in creating thoughtful, curated workplace amenities and experiences that spark camaraderie and inspire growth.

Each campus and development throughout the Longfellow portfolio has a one of a kind, unique experience that is thoughtfully created and programmed – no two are identical. Allowing our clients and community to engage with each other creates unexpected connections and unique opportunities.
Longfellow is committed to the long-term connection among our clients, our firm, and our communities – resulting in developments spanning the US and UK that integrate local businesses like coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, and others into our space.
Our programs also create deep connections to the community through key volunteer and philanthropic efforts that allow our campus partners to come together, further enriching the communities in which we live and work. Check out our latest Elevate offerings by visiting our social channels on Facebook or Instagram.
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