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Icagen®, now part of OmniAb, Inc., is a proud partner of Longfellow Real Estate Partners, leading the way for new drug discoveries and conducting their work to improve the human condition in North Carolina’s Research Triangle.

The Icagen team are leaders in Ion Channel Drug Discovery, showcasing extensive and potentially unparalleled biological capabilities focused on both ion channels and transporters, and decades of experience in novel drug discovery from screening through lead optimization and candidate selection. Icagen technologies target challenging therapeutic indications with significant unmet medical need.

OmniAb, Inc.’s proprietary Ion Channel Technology and antibody discovery platforms enable pharmaceutical and biotech partners to solve challenges within multiple therapeutic areas including neuroscience, rare diseases, chronic kidney disease, oncology and more. Together we strive to bring meaningful new medicines to patients as quickly as possible.

“Over the past several years, we’ve been fortunate to work with Longfellow, setting up our Ion Channel Technology laboratories in their Newcastle North campus, located in the heart of the Research Triangle. As we’ve grown, Longfellow has grown with us – just this past year we were able to move to a larger, updated facility across in their portfolio with little to no downtime,” said Dr. Douglas Krafte, Senior Vice President at Icagen. “This level of care allowed us to continue our research without interruption, which is vital for our life science and biotech partners who we work with on a daily basis.”

Dr. Douglas Krafte Senior Vice President


We partner with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to generate high-quality molecules which ultimately may become development candidates for our partners. As a drug discovery partner, the Icagen Ion Channel Technology team works with collaborators in multi-year, integrated drug discovery programs to advance potential candidates for entry into the partner’s portfolios.  Born from a biotech background and matured by pharma companies, the Icagen team brings to partners a North American team with more than 20 years of experience in early discovery. The process of drug discovery starts with targets. Our scientists have vast experience in target-based drug discovery with an emphasis on ion channels and transporters.   The OmniAb, Inc. – Icagen Ion Channel Technology platform allows progression of challenging ion channel targets by combining novel reagent generation, advanced biophysical analysis and cutting-edge applications of in silico drug discovery tools.  This combination of cutting-edge technology and expertise enables our partners to tackle important challenges in the development of new medicines and potentially advance the next generation of therapeutics.