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“Gator Bio is a proud partner of Longfellow Real Estate Partners – we are fortunate to be based in the heart of Silicon Valley on their Palo Alto Labs campus. Gator Bio is a Silicon Valley biotech company with a mission to help accelerate biotherapeutics discovery through cutting-edge bioanalytical tools.

As our team has grown, our need for space for product development has also grown; Longfellow was the perfect partnership as they welcomed our R&D, manufacturing, and administrative teams on campus to support our development in a seamless transition.

The new Longfellow facility enables our scientists to maintain a good work – life balance: For work the premises facilitates research and development, quality control, and cross-functional collaboration. For a balanced life, the space provides opportunity for physical and mental wellbeing through the fitness center. We look forward to a great relationship with Longfellow Real Estate Partners as our Gator Bio team continues to commercialize.”

Katherine Ton-Tho People Operations Manager