California English

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“Partnering with Longfellow was an easy choice because they are doing amazing work that disrupts the status quo. Allowing creatives to do their work in a space that’s comfortable, familiar, and exciting is exactly what we are doing here in San Diego. California English is a chef-driven restaurant that happens to be in an amazing biotech space at the Biovista campus.

I’m all about doing things a little bit different and better – that’s exactly what Longfellow executes on a day-to-day basis. It’s the perfect partnership, allowing both of us to harness the creative spirit.

Looking forward, we are excited to open our second stunning restaurant concept, just a mile away, one Longfellow’s newest campus, Bioterra, is complete.

These collaborative works are changing the landscape of Sorrento Mesa. It’s not just the place you drive through anymore. It’s a place you work, it’s a place you live, and it’s a place you dine and collaborate with friends, family, and colleagues.”

Chef Richard Blais Chef & Restaurateur