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“Working with Longfellow Real Estate Partners is a partnership in the truest sense. We feel their team here is an extension of our BioLabs team in all the ways they’ve supported us and helped us feel welcome.

One thing I particularly love about our experience with Longfellow is that they are eager to learn exactly how we operate and what our best practices are in order to better support BioLabs and our resident companies. We love the entrepreneurial mindset they’ve brought to our partnership and the fact that they are not stuck in a certain mold.

We have the privilege to support almost 40 companies at BioLabs San Diego today, and this number will continue to grow as we expand our facility. Building out a larger permanent site at the Biovista campus shows our shared commitment to and long-term investment in biotech and life science innovation in San Diego. Being part of such a big expansion project makes our relationship with Longfellow even more vital as we work with their team on the ground to accomplish all our collective goals.”

Dina Uzri Site Director, San Diego