321 Coffee

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“Having the privilege of working with Longfellow to get the newest location launched has been incredible from day one – they have been willing to work with us in terms of what we need,” said Lindsay Wrege, Co-Founder & CEO of 321 Coffee. “Working through the build out, how to bring our brand into the community and launch it successfully has been amazing. The Longfellow team went above and beyond to make those connections throughout their marketing, property managers, public relations, and construction professionals.”

321 Coffee was founded in 2017 by Lindsay Wrege and Michael Evans, Raleigh entrepreneurs and recent alumni of NC State. The two started 321 Coffee together out of their college dorm rooms, and since then Raleigh has been an incredible home for 321 Coffee. What started as pop-up coffee stands on folding tables at various local events has grown to become a well-loved and steadfast staple in the community. Wrege, Evans, and the whole team is excited to open their doors in a new city to continue to spread awareness for disability inclusion, serve delicious coffee, and leave customers feeling uplifted and caffeinated, eager to come back and soak up more of the inspiring atmosphere. 321 Coffee is a coffee shop and roaster focusing on workforce inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Based in Raleigh, the company currently employs over 50 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). 321 baristas do it all: roasting the coffee, taking the orders, and making the lattes. Together they are demonstrating the value of an inclusive business model. Launched in 2017, the company is on a mission to change the statistic that 80% of adults with disabilities are unemployed.

Lindsay Wrege Co-Founder & CEO