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Boston, MA (May 10, 2024) – Longfellow Real Estate Partners, one of the largest privately held investor and developer of life science buildings, today released its first annual report outlining the firm’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pillars. The report highlights business decisions and firmwide culture that delivers lasting value through sustainable building efforts and best practices.

“Since the inception of our firm, sustainable building principles have helped shape our overarching and day-to-day business decisions. Our team has been deeply committed to sustainable building standards and certifications since our first development nearly two decades ago,” said Adam Sichol, Co-Founder & CEO of Longfellow Real Estate Partners. “As a long-term investor, operator, and developer, we take pride in the communities we invest in and are tied to their success for decades to come.”

Highlights from the Annual Report include:

  • Longfellow’s portfolio-wide ESG Strategy consists of 15 focus areas, supported by specific, measurable targets and actions to support target achievement.
  • Longfellow is currently building two of the first all-electric life science facilities in the State of California and the first in the San Diego region (Avia Labs in Millbrae, California, and Bioterra in San Diego), supporting our commitment to decarbonizing the portfolio.
  • The firm’s leadership team is over 50% female or minority. While Longfellow Advance, our nationwide DEI steering committee formed in 2020, supports our continued commitment to advancing professionals from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • The first public ESG Report reinforces supports our team’s commitment to share the direction and future, with dedicated reporting on progress toward ESG targets.

“We are incredibly proud to communicate our goals publicly – each of our focus areas are supported by distinct targets and actions to achieve them,” said Lauren Ballou, Associate Director of ESG. “After establishing our ESG Task Force nearly two years ago, this collaborative team has worked hard to double down on Longfellow’s sustainable mindset for future growth that is good for our partners, our communities, and our environment.”

Focus areas throughout the Annual Report center on the three ESG Pillars and include such initiatives as Energy & Emissions, Climate Risk, Health & Wellbeing, Diversity Equity Inclusion, Fiduciary Duty, Cybersecurity / Data Protection, and more. With key achievements and recent milestones also outlined in addition to future goals, the report showcases the true past, present, and future of Longfellow’s commitments. For more information about ESG goals and to stay up to date on the latest news, visit: www.LFREP.com/ESG


About Longfellow Real Estate Partners
Longfellow Real Estate Partners is a real estate investment company founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009. With approximately 200 employees in bio-innovation clusters across the United States and United Kingdom, Longfellow partners with renowned universities and pioneering life sciences and technology companies to help bring visionary ideas to life. Driven by a passion to support those working to advance the human condition, Longfellow continues to grow and expand in the name of scientific progress. For more information, visit https://lfrep.com

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