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Longfellow Real Estate Partners’ Collaborative Approach and Fully Integrated Services Create Thoughtful Spaces that Fuel Life-Changing Innovation

Some companies invest in real estate. Others invest experience, capital, and unremitting hard work into creating transformational real estate solutions that shape industries. But that’s just one reason Longfellow Real Estate Partners stands out. Founded by Boston-based entrepreneurs Adam Sichol and Jamie Peschel, Longfellow is a leader in innovation real estate with eight international locations—including state-of-the-art developments in the Research Triangle.

“We’re one of the largest privately owned life science real estate developer and investment firms in the world,” says Jessica Brock, partner of real estate operations.

“That’s backed by our track record of developing innovative spaces that empower companies and people.”
An industry pro, Brock was one of Longfellow’s first employees, helping to expand its footprint and capabilities along the way. With over 12 years investing in the Research Triangle, Longfellow has continued to meet the needs of local and international companies.

“We’re committed to serving the entire life science community,” she says. “We’re building an ecosystem that fosters everything from startups and midsize companies to Big Pharma, academic institutions, and more.”

“Vertical integration helps us understand clients’ needs and create holistic solutions that better service all life science and biotech companies,” adds Greg Capps, managing director, North Carolina.

Staffed by an expert team, Longfellow helps clients thrive with a collaborative approach and fully integrated services. From acquisition to tenant services, the company provides unparalleled resources, including asset management, property management, design, construction, and leasing.

“Our teams seamlessly collaborate and communicate,” says Capps. “Keeping every capability in-house helps us stay nimble, strategic, and knowledgeable.”


Across Durham and Wake County, Longfellow combines flexibility and expertise to exceed unique market demands, providing vital resources to an underserved industry.

“We help clients focus on science while we handle real estate. Innovation real estate is different because our clients need their highly technical workspaces to be safe, secure, and accessible 24/7,” Brock says.

“They need to move in quickly and get to work,” she continues, mentioning most clients gravitate toward mixed-use properties with opportunities to live, work, and play.

Completed in 2018, the first phase of Durham ID does just that. Nestled among hip downtown neighborhoods, the property, on 200 and 300 Morris Street, features 350,000 square feet of cutting-edge technology, ground-level retail, and office space while housing notable tenants including Google, GSK, and the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Offering nearly 200,000 square feet of innovative lab space, the second phase will break ground at 518 West Morgan Street.

Another development, The Hub, is bringing new opportunities to Research Triangle Park when it breaks ground in spring 2023. Serving as a marquee building and integrating with RTP’s 2 million-square-foot, master-planned development—complete with apartments, restaurants, and a hotel—the 240,000-square-foot property will provide lab and technology space.

“We’re bullish on investing in life sciences and driving continued growth across all of our major markets,” says Brock, adding that clients can expect Longfellow to continue delivering innovative real estate spaces across the Triangle area and beyond. “There’s a bright future ahead for life science operators at the top of their game. We plan to be a big player for years to come.”