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Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a developer who understands the difference between a build-out for a Class A lab space versus a typical office suite?


Our highly experienced Design and Construction Management team can lead any build-out for our tenant’s most specific technology and scientific needs. We know laboratories and high-tech office space require meticulous detail during design and construction to deliver an effective research and innovation space.  We manage the design, development, and construction of laboratory and office environments based on the unique requirements of each individual tenant.

Our team members have sat at all sides of the table as designers, owners, developers, and contractors.  The continuous learning nature of the projects we undertake ensures we have up-to-date knowledge on industry regulations, guidelines and standards.  We take pride in our first-hand knowledge of our facilities.

One size does not fit all.  We take a thoughtful and personal approach to meet the specific needs of our science and technology tenants.  We walk them through the design and construction process explaining all their options and providing recommendations.  When it all comes together, when our spaces are filled with people inventing the next big thing, we review, listen and iterate to continue our learning.  Then we get ready to do it again.


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Design & Construction Management Services

Project Planning & Program Management
Project Scheduling & Coordination
Designer / Consultant Procurement & Management
Project Budget Management
Utility Strategy, Review & Coordination
Value Analysis
Peer Reviews
Permitting Coordination
Cost Control
Contractor Procurement & Management